Beats By Dre


Club Beats is a new section in Best Buy stores where consumers can sample the latest audio, music, entertainment and technology products including DJ equipment, mixing software, turntables, headphones and laptops.

In order to connect a skeptical audience with the new Club Beats space, a partnership between Beats by Dre, Best Buy, and Monster Cable – we re-concepted the Big Box experience in a way that would give it truly give it back to young people who are used to shopping for tech in a much different way.

Best Buy hosted 6 events in: Houston, Minneapolis, New York, Miami, Vegas, and LA – with big artists like Dr. Dre,, Diplo, and Lady Gaga to promote Club Beats events and products.

01 Part One

Show Best Buy who they are really talking to in order to identify proper marketing initiatives.

02 Part Two

Connect cool kids to cool new digital DJ products available at Best Buy Stores.

3 Part Three

Create a completely digital identity that made the whole initiative feel underground.