Without Art

Thinking back to what life was like before March feels damn near impossible. It is hard to find the words to describe how those first few weeks felt. As we crawled into whichever foxhole would have us and bunkered down for however long the foreseeable future would be, it was nearly impossible to understand what … Continued

Year of the Cowpoke

Culture is a flat circle. We are reminded of this time and again as teens don jeans that look straight out of a brat pack movie while they listen to a modern-day rehash of the synths that could be straight out of New Order’s catalog.  Everything that was cool once will most likely become cool … Continued

Joyce goes Small

Introducing Joyce Smalls: tiny packages on tightened timelines that fit any budget. See if we can fit your needs. In a time where everything is just, well different. We think we should be different too. As a way to offer our services to people who may not have been able to afford them previously or … Continued

How JOYCE found a home in supper clubs

A Midwest tradition since probably always. Winter is once again upon us. Which, in Minnesota, means delaying morning commutes to clear off icy windshields, attempting to figure out which side of the street you can safely park on and convincing others, and yourself, that the summer here makes it all worthwhile. Everybody gets one, though. … Continued

Who is ¿JOYCE? Intern Search

What: Who is ¿JOYCE? Intern Search Who: Designers and Writers interested in a Creative Internship Where: JOYCE MPLS When: Summer 2019 Why: The more ideas the merrier If you can feel it deep down in your bones that you might just be JOYCE, we’d really like to meet you. JOYCE is looking for a few … Continued

2019 Internet Horoscopes

This next period will be marked by good things. Scorpio — You know that there are two dimensions of time, right? Of course you do you sneaker little serpent, you. If you bought a DeLorean would you drive it a lot or just from time to time? You gotta go to there. Get in where you … Continued