Vote No, Yo.

Today all of Joyce voted NO to a proposed amendment to the Minnesota State Constitution which seeks to recognize marriage solely between one man and one woman. It blows our mind that people in 2012 believe that the right to marry should only belong to some of our population, but still we continue to hear how this hateful amendment could actually pass. We have faith that our state will do the right thing and not add any wording to our constitution that makes a large population of people think or feel that their rights are not equal to the rights of everyone else. We voted no because we believe that ALL PEOPLE should have access to profess their love for one another legally through marriage. We despise that a man is not allowed to marry another man and we find it deplorable that a women can not chose to be legally married to another woman in this state that we call home. Seriously Minnesota, if you haven’t already, get out and Vote No, Yo.

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