Coming In Hot

Oh the internet. It brings us such rad things and people. A few months back, we found our way to Los Angeles based designer and artist, Nil Ultra on Instagram and completely connected to his raw style and the potent content of his collages.

He has never been to the Tundra and doesn’t own a coat, but he is excited to head North for his first Minnesota art showing and our first gallery event ever.

Come meet this talented dude and get a chance at some of his art before he gets too big for our britches. Learn more about Nil Ultra here:


The Details:

Comin’ In Hot!
A casual gallery event featuring the original artwork of Nil Ultra

Thursday, December 11th
5:30 – 10:30 pm
114 North 3rd Street
Mpls, MN 55401

Bring $    Buy Art    Drink Beer

Joyce Nilultra grid


Joyce x Nil Ultra - Obeygiant

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