JOYCE is Rebecca 🇩🇰

It’s been many a moons since the OG Joyce inspired us to start our creative venture. We haven’t lost sight of the “I do what I want” pioneer behind our independent culture workshop and we are glad to see that the new guard embraces our leading lady in the same way we did in the early 2ks.

The hair looks the same, but the creative point of view has evolved as we grind. JOYCE is so pleased to welcome Rebecca Houmøller to Minneapolis for the next 12 weeks!

She comes to us all the way from Kolding, Denmark and she has already introduced us to a song that says “Snails Eat Crackers” for the majority of the track. We look forward to her “overdrevet cool” perspective and her “særlig” personality around the office at JOYCE. Stop in and say hi or follow along with her MPLS + JOYCE creative journey every place that the internet is good:

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