JOYCE & Order

This is a dramatic reenactment of that time someone(s) shot up JOYCE and we all could have died. Except we didn’t because we were not working at 2 am on the 4th of July.

The entire team at JOYCE has been sleuthing around all week tying to crack the case of the rogue bullet that shattered into our life sometime after 0:200 last Sunday, July 5th.

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What we know:

1. It blasted into our front window, through our “Record Company’s Are Shady” t-shirt, out the other side of the wall and could only be stopped by the King Air-Kurtain.

2. This was no Walmart bullet. This was a straight up “ hollow tip.”   Eric Olsen,  No-Ware Studios

3. Based on the specific entry location, the shooter had to be standing nearly a block south of JOYCE, nearest to Pizza Luce.

4. Somebody was straight thuggin’

* No tenants of the Savoie Building were injured in the making of this video or via the bullet itself.

Thank you detective @chickentendon for creating this video in attempt to ensure that the long arm of the law comes down on these perps.

Thugs, don’t mess with JOYCE. We are on to you.