1. More ungendered products. A more equal world for all people / genders. Diversity, options, unisex. No gender, no problem.
  2. Kindness & Acceptance are the most desirable traits for people with a high level of emotional intelligence. There will be an evolution in human kindness.
  3. Location + Time = Relevance but how do we really live…Slow Living. Slow the fuck down.
  4. Your POV is all you have. The state of politics are making it ok to speak your mind, think globally, have a worldly voice and use it. Stand up, be active, be a participant in your beliefs. Brands need to be clear about what they stand for and value and so do people.
  5. Community is Queen. People want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. It isn’t enough to just like something, you have to live it, be a part of it, and have a reason why.
  6. The future of female. Sorry white men, you had your turn.
  7. The United States of Inclusion will rise. Seriously race is an issue. A cultural division line will continue to be drawn, but eventually it will break. Honest and open communication will erase lines and walls will not be built.