2011 – On meeting Diplo & Lady Gaga

In our first year, we were asked by Best Buy and Beats by Dre to work on the coolest project EVER. JOYCE traveled from  New York — > Miami — > Houston — > Vegas — > LA to introduce the newly launched, Club Beats. We met Timbaland, LMFAO, Keri Hilson, Major Lazer, Robin Thicke, Jimmy Iovine from Interscope, and a ton of others. Yeah, it was pretty sweet.

2012 – Get Paid / Ca$h City

Starting your own creative business is tough. Real tough. How much do you charge for doing what you love? How much do you pay yourself? Do you pay taxes? The answer is yes. A lot of them.

2013 – A sea of blue

JOYCE moved from NE Mpls back to our home territory in the North Loop / Warehouse district of Minneapolis. A lot has changed in this neighborhood over the years, but we are happy to be doing what we love in the city that we love the most.

2015 – JOYCE gets Franny

The best thing about doing what we do, is getting to do it side by side amazing people who we love to work with. In the summer of 2015, JOYCE added a designer by the tremendous name of Frances Van Eyck. She was just JOYCE at first site.

2015 – JOYCE got shot

Nothing like coming in on a Monday morning to find that a series of bullets had entered your front window, passed right next to your shiny iMacs and shot straight through the heart of a T-shirt hanging on an adjacent wall. Stay safe out there JOYCE.

2016 – Gettin’ hygge with it

JOYCE is an Open Culture Workshop. The best ideas are formed through distinct lenses on the world. In 2017, our Danish Design intern, known only as Rebdepp, brought a cool girl perspective to our studio. She kept it light by insisting on Pictionary and Champagne Fridays, which is now one of our core philosophies to doing better work. 🙂

2017 – A Fire Rooster Year

When you turn seven in 2017, you just kind of start looking for omens and signs and know that your path forward is somehow quite lit. In this past Fire Rooster Year, JOYCE has been righteous and magnificent to us. We have built something that we are proud of and eager to see what 2018 is all about.